Sex university

A lonely guy named Isaac turns out to be an outcast in his university because he is a weak but very smart nerd. Everybody, including girls, is trying to humiliate him. Every day our hero finds himself in troubles. Today, the headmistress called him to accuse the poor guy of bad tricks he naturally did not commit. The woman threatened him with expulsion if Isaac again violated something. Of course, the weak-minded nerd could not challenge the director’s accusations. In low spirits, the guy went to classes, but in the corridor, he was intercepted by three sexy hooligan-girls who demanded to do their homework.

Becoming a superfucker

After the girls left, a cleaner came up to Isaac. The cleaner became an accidental witness of this scene. The man was a descendant of the Indian shamans, so he knew their secrets. The cleaner felt sorry for the guy and in order to help him somehow, he gave Isaac a bottle with a strong aphrodisiac, created according to an ancient Indian recipe. As a result, the nerd fucked all of his offenders, including the headmistress.